Devine Runtz (HYBRID) | Berner Cookies 3.5G Premium Flower

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Berner’s Cookies Brand

Flavor: Devine Runtz Cookies

Weight: 3.5 Grams

Strain Type:

Devine Runtz Berner Cookies Weed Flower 3.5G

Devine Runtz Berner Cookies Strain, is the result of crossing The Original Z and Gelato #33, as per reviewers on Leafly who report feeling a combination of sleepiness, euphoria, and upliftment when indulging in this strain.

This strain has dense, grape-shaped olive green buds that come with thin orange hairs, dark purple undertones and are coated in frosty, tiny white purple-tinted crystal trichomes.

This strain boasts 22% THC and 1% CBG, and is dominated by the terpene myrcene. Have you experienced the delights of Devine Runtz before? Share your thoughts and leave a review.

Buy Berner Cookies Devine Runtz Weed Effects Review

Hailing from Los Angeles, this particular strain derives its name from its candy-like fragrance and visually striking nugs. Created through a blend of Zkittlez and Gelato #33, it boasts a smooth taste that largely corresponds with its aroma, infused with hints of tropical and earthy flavors.

Boasting various phenotypes, this hybrid strain can exhibit a pronounced sativa or indica dominance. The buds are heavily coated in resin, making it a highly potent option in any form.

Its elusive nature may be attributed to its potency, but it is definitely worth getting your hands on if possible – prepare to feel like a child in a confectionery wonderland. Also, we have Cheetah Piss (HYBRID) Berner Cookies 3.5G Flower and Acapulco Gold Rove Cartridge.

Berner Cookies Devine Runtz Cannabis Strain Flavor

Once you’ve finished taking your final toke, the Runtz high will come roaring in just a few minutes. It first hits your head with a calming lift before its tingly tendrils spread throughout the rest of your body.

The high gradually expands, bringing with it a deep and calming effect that leaves your limbs sedated and leaves you feeling couch-locked, rendering you immovable for hours on end before you drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Thanks to its potent 19-29% average THC level, as well as these effects, Runtz is said to be the ideal strain for managing conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, appetite loss or nausea, chronic stress or anxiety. Dive into the world of Berner’s Cookies strains offered at Potsnbuds.

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