Do Si Dos (Sativa) | Loudpack Premieum 3.5G Cannabis Flower


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Strain Type   SATIVA
THC   59%
Quantity    3.5G

Loudpack Premium Do Si Dos High Grade THC Packaging

Do Si Dos Loudpack Weed a vibrant and new hybrid, is a favorite among experienced tokers due to its high THC levels, which can reach up to 30%, and its deeply relaxing effects. The strain is recognized by its colorful nugs, ranging from blues to purples, and its sweet aroma, making it an irresistible and rare choice.

If you haven’t heard of the Do Si Dos strain before, it is a relatively new hybrid and the child of Face Off OG and Girl Scout Cookies, two widely loved and iconic strains. Face Off OG is known for its hazy Indica effects, perfect for lazy Sundays and nighttime smoking, while Girl Scout Cookies is a beloved Indica-dominant hybrid. The two strains combined to create the stunning Indica that is Do Si Dos, also known as Dosi or Si. Although it is technically a hybrid, Do Si Dos leans heavily towards Indicas, and most people refer to it as an Indica.
Do Si Dos is estimated to have a 70/30 Indica-dominant split, with the exact makeup varying depending on the environment it is grown in. Its THC content has a broad range, typically falling between 20% to 30%, making it a desirable choice for those with a high THC tolerance. The CBG and CBD levels hover around 1%, a moderate range. Its complex flavor and aroma profile come from an array of terpenes, including pinene, myrcene, linalool, and terpineol.

Do Si Dos Loudpack Nugs Marijuana Premium Top Shelf Weed

The scent of Do Si Dos is pungent, with a combination of citrus and the bold smell of pine trees, making it refreshing but earthy. As the citrus smell mellows, it reveals rich berry undertones, with some floral notes, creating a delicate and vibrant aroma. However, the flavor of Do Si Dos when smoked is significantly different, leaning towards an earthy taste with bold notes of pepper and spice. As you inhale, you may catch a nutty flavor, quickly followed by a punchy taste of pepper.
Despite its attractive features, Do Si Dos is not for everyone. Some people find its harsh smoke unpleasant, leading to long coughing fits, making it a poor choice for individuals with sensitive throats. Customers also considered these products Wedding Cake Loudpack and Muha Meds Disposables.
In summary, Do Si Dos is an exciting and rare strain that has captured the hearts of experienced tokers with its high THC levels, relaxing effects, vibrant colors, and complex aroma and flavor profiles. While it may not be the best choice for individuals with a low THC tolerance or sensitive throats, it is undoubtedly worth trying for those looking for a unique and enjoyable smoking experience. Also, check out all Loudpack Cannabis strains available.


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