Do Si Face (Sativa) | Loudpack Premium 3.5G Cannabis Flower


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Strain Type   SATIVA
THC   60%
Quantity    3.5G

Loudpack Premium Do Si Face Cannabis Flower 3.5G Weed Review

Do Si Face Loudpack Weed an exceptional Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis, was initially cultivated in the United States by Archive Seed Bank, a multi-level cannabis organization that is gaining popularity due to their innovative and potent hybrid strains. Their aim is to provide a comprehensive cannabis experience for both medical and recreational users by constantly creating new and stronger strains.

The development of this exceptional strain involved crossing Do-Si-Dos with Face Off OG, leading to a blend of physical attributes and effects that are characteristic of its parent strains. While the THC concentrations vary based on the growth and curing processes, an average concentration of about 24% can be expected.
The physical characteristics of Dosi Face plants are strikingly appealing, which may be why it is in such high demand. The flowers are unique-looking, with a nearly yellowish color and dense, springy texture. They are covered in a thick layer of crystal trichomes that give the appearance of little gold nuggets. These forest-green flowers have winding orange hairs that enhance their beauty.

Do Si Face Loudpack Weed Premium Packs Flavors Effects

The fragrance of Dosi Face flowers is fresh and pleasant, with sharp pine, sour citrus, sweet lemon, and earthy scents. The flavor is also similar, but with a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience. Do also checkout Fuelato Loudpack Weed and The Gen 4 Cake Disposable.

Despite the seemingly low THC concentration, Dosi Face provides an incredibly potent high due to the presence of additional terpenes such as Limonene and Linalool. Some users experience a deep and relaxing body high that leaves them immobilized for hours on end, providing a high level of comfort and mental clarity. Others feel a sense of energetic euphoria that can last for hours, inspiring creative endeavors.
Dosi Face has been used by a diverse range of consumers throughout the day and into the evening, and each individual can determine when it is best suited for their specific needs. With its social, energetic, and happy effects, Dosi Face is often used to alleviate stress, depression, and insomnia. While it is not a subtle strain, it is also not overpowering, providing a balanced and enjoyable experience. It is no wonder why it is highly sought after and in such high demand at dispensaries. You might want to look at all Loudpack weed strains in store.


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