Dulce Secreto (INDICA) – Green Dragon Weed – 3.5g


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Strain Type INDICA
THC   52%
Quantity    3.5G

Buy Dulce Secreto Green Dragon Strain 3.5G

Dulce Secreto Green Dragon weed is renowned for its exceptional potency in California. Its THC levels surpassing 30 percent are guaranteed to leave you feeling profoundly intoxicated. Dulce Secreto strain meticulously nurtures this popular strain from its seedling stage to its ultimate sale.

Comprehensive testing reveals no residual solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, or other contaminants, guaranteeing that you’ll receive the purest buds available anywhere just like, Kush Mints Green Dragon Weed and Berner Cookies Weed Strains.

Green Dragons Dulce Secreto strain Medical Effects

Firstly, Dulce Secreto is a strain of cannabis that provides substantial therapeutic benefits to those using it for medicinal purposes. It effectively treats a wide range of conditions, including fatigue, headaches, muscular disorders, epilepsy, pain, depression, cancer, nausea, anxiety, vomiting, inflammation, and glaucoma, among others.

Furthermore, it regulates sleep patterns and promotes appetite. With its numerous powerful therapeutic properties, Secret Gelato is a highly effective choice for medicinal cannabis users seeking relief.Be warned that sleep may elude you after using Sicario, so it’s best used in the morning or late afternoon, but not before bed unless you need to stay awake.

Not only do patients reap the benefits of this weed plant, but recreational users also find it highly advantageous. Its exceptional potency, delectable taste, and promise of a powerful, prolonged, and thrilling buzz make it truly one-of-a-kind. You should take a look at all Green Dragon Strains Available.


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