Duzalin (Hybrid) | Backpack boyz Weed | 3.5G Cannabis


Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   54%
Quantity    3.5G



Duzalin Backpack boyz Weed 3.5G Cannabis

Duzalin Backpack Boyz is an illustrious offspring of OG Kush, possibly the result of crossing it with Master Yoda. Its moniker comes from a Mexican candy, Duvalin. Its taste is earthy, herbal and pungent Kush-like hazelnut and wood. A stimulating buzz and a cerebral high come on quickly, awakening your imagination and infusing you with a surge of energy. On top of that, you’ll be delighted by the way this strain improves your mood, stimulating conversations, promoting a state of relaxation, and possibly leading to arousal.

How long does a lemon cake high last?

The duration of the Duzalin high is generally a few hours; however, the precise amount of time may differ from person to person depending on variables like their THC tolerance, method of ingestion, and other contributing factors. Absorption of the THC differs when Duzalin is eaten in comparison to when it is vaped.

Buy Backpack boys Duzalin Flavor

The Backpack Boyz have crafted the perfect strain for a calming and relaxed experience with friends – Duzalin. Boasting an abundance of vibrant colors and fiery orange hairs, this strain will tantalize the senses and bring pleasure. Created by cross-breeding OG Kush and Master Yoda, both of which have previously won Cannabis Cup awards.

Its aroma is that of tropical fruit combined with diesel fumes. Also, the scent is a tantalizing mix of candy gas and berry undertones that will envelop any space. Also, Crime brûlée Backpack boyz, Papaya kush lazy ape vape and Venom Og lazy ape disposable

Duzalin kush strain Effects

BackpackBoyz consistently deliver top-notch strains regardless of whether one loves or hates them.

The buds are cultivated nicely, covered in crystallized trichomes and tinted in mulberry and romaine lettuce shades, accompanied by pistils of Mac n Cheese color. Smoking it offers a half-smooth and half-harsh inhale and produces white ash on a raw paper or salt and pepper ash on an organic hemp LoudNature cone.

It delivers a moderate cerebral high accompanied by a mild body high which can last up to two hours. It made me feel relaxed and yet I was able to perform my duties, despite being high. At one point, it even caused me to become drowsy.

Duzalin Backpack Boyz
Duzalin Backpack Boyz


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