Electric Pineapple (Hybrid) – Green Dragon Weed – 3.5


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Strain Type HYBRID
THC   59%
Quantity    3.5G

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Electric Pineapple Green Dragon weed continues to live up to its name and reputation as a tropical sensation. Its effects are powerful, long-lasting, and enjoyable, while its lightness and navigability stand out as its most notable qualities.

The Electric Pineapple is a carefully crafting hybrid that blends a premium Hawaiian strain with Trainwreck. Users can expect a consistent and delightful tropical experience with smooth and invigorating effects that justify its global following.Also, Runtz #18 Green Dragon Weed and Dolce Gelato Plus Teds Budz

Electric Pineapple strain Effects Review

The Electric Pineapple  Strain is a smooth operator. Also, it instills a sense of joy and enthusiasm, preparing you for a day filled with energy. This popular strain creates a feeling of euphoria and energizes your being. It is a surefire way to lift your spirits, often leading to the generation of innovative and surprising concepts by those with artistic minds.

The great thing about Electric Pineapple is that it can help you unwind without inducing sleepiness or lethargy, making it a fantastic choice for a daytime smoke. Its effects leave you in a state of bliss, with some daydreaming and chuckling to keep you alert and engaged.


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