Fat Banana (INDICA) | KRT Disposable THC Distillate Stick 1G


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Strain Type INDICA
THC   93%
Quantity    1000MG

KRT Disposable Vape Fat Banana Strain Bars Flavor

Fat Banana KRT Disposable Imagine a banana so massive that it causes you to burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter, but smoking the Fat Banana strain is known to elicit more than just grins. Bred by Royal Queen Seeds, this indica-dominant beauty is a blend of OG Kush and Chiquita Banana, resulting in a unique combination of flavors, scents, and effects that will leave a lasting impression.

Reserved for the seasoned tokers, Fat Banana boasts an average THC potency of 25%, enough to make your mouth water upon first sight. Each bud is generously proportioned and showcases vivid orange hairs that stand out against a light green backdrop. Oozing with an abundance of amber crystals, users can anticipate an indulgent experience. Despite its name, the Fat Banana strain boasts more than just a distinct banana flavor, with traces of citrus and earthiness taking center stage.

Initially, Fat Banana may appear to be a mellow strain, with euphoria settling in almost immediately without overwhelming the senses. However, this feeling of contentment gradually gives way to a profound physical sensation, with users often reporting tingles throughout the body and a deep sense of sedation.

Fat Banana KRT Disposable Live Resin THC vape Strain Review

At this point, one of two things usually happens – some indulge in their cravings and raid their kitchen for snacks, while others choose to go to bed. However, it’s not uncommon for individuals to do both. But we don’t judge. Also, Melon Kush KRT Disposable and Kurvana Disposable Carts.

Fat Banana is a strain known for its relaxing and positive effects, making it an excellent choice for medicinal use during periods of heightened symptoms. Those seeking relief from anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, nausea, or loss of appetite often turn to this bud for its calming properties.
As a favorite among home growers, Royal Queen Seeds provides ample information on each strain’s preferences, and Fat Banana is no exception. This strain thrives both indoors and outdoors, but it’s important to note that its buds can grow quite large and may require extra support. After 7-8 weeks of indoor growth, Fat Banana yields a generous harvest.
For those who enjoy tropical flavors, Fat Banana is a must-try strain. However, it’s best reserved for night or weekend use as its effects can be intense. Be sure to prepare your surroundings before smoking, as the night could take you in any direction. However, you should also pick from other Krt Disposable Vape Flavors.


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