Fighter Violet (indica) | HotBox Weed (3.5g | 1/8th) Indoor Flower


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   46.73%
Quantity    3.5G

Fighter Violet Hotbox Weed 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Cannabis

Fighter Violet Hotbox weed, a hybrid with Indica leanings, is highly praised for its abundant concentrations of linalool, a floral-scented terpene known for its ability to reduce stress and promote heightened states of relaxation.

The origin of Fighter Violet, a well-known marijuana strain, is unknown. It is believed to be a descendant of three strains: Blueberry, Shishkaberry, and Green Crack. Violet Delight inherited its flavors and Indica genetics from Blueberry, while Green Crack passed on its Sativa genes. Violet Delight is known for its fragrant smell and energetic mental high. Also, London Tart HotBox Weed and Purple Egg Yolk Gelato Push Pop Teds Budz.

Hotbox Flowers Fighter Violet kush strain Effects

Fighter Violet is an Indica strain with a well-balanced and gentle high. It has a THC content of 12% and is suitable for beginners. The effects take some time to kick in, starting with a tingling sensation and leading to a sense of calm and happiness. More so, choose from all strains Hotbox cannabis Brand.

Friday Violet is a strain that has a pleasant floral aroma reminiscent of violets. It has relaxing effects that can help alleviate stress, depression, and symptoms of PTSD. Using this strain is believed to bring about a positive change in one’s mental state.


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