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Created by an award winning former Apple design manager, Firefly2 heats up in less than three seconds allowing you to enjoy the delicious flavors and experience all the active ingredients the very moment they are released. Firefly’s advanced technology is so user friendly and intuitive that Newsweek called it the “iPhone of Vaporizers” and Business Insider emphasized that “anyone could pick it up and know how to use it.” Firefly comes with a companion IOS and Android app, two batteries for utmost portability, and features a glass chamber and glass vapor path which makes cleaning a breeze.

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Firefly2, world’s fastest and most efficient vaporizer, perfect for herbs & concentrates, is recently declared as the “best overall vaporizer” by Gizmodo.

The Firefly2 vaporizer boasts a quick heating time and rapid cooling capabilities, making it a convenient and efficient portable convection vaporizer. Users can customize their experience with three pre-adjustable heater options available through the Bluetooth application. The device features a glass bowl and air passage, ensuring a pure and smooth vaping experience. Additionally, the Firefly2’s battery is easily removable for added convenience.
Introducing the Firefly 2+, the latest on demand vaporizer from Firefly that features dynamic convection technology for exceptional flavor delivery and zero waste. Its versatility shines through with its ability to work effectively with flowers, plant extracts, and concentrates while boasting a speedy 3-second heat-up time and easy loading and cleaning. What sets the Firefly 2+ apart is its ability to provide vapor on demand, allowing users to take their time and vape at their desired pace without wasting any product. This updated version is a game-changer with significant improvements over its predecessor, the Firefly 2, making it a worthy upgrade despite not being a completely new version with added features. So what exactly are these improvements that enhance the already great qualities of the Firefly 2?
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