Flav Disposable Bars – Forbidden Fruit (HYBRID) 1G


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Strain Type   Hybrid
THC   95.17%
Quantity    1 Gram

Forbidden Fruit Flav Disposable Bar 1G

Forbidden Fruit Flav Disposable THC Vape Bar Cartridge, is a delectable combination of Tangie and Cherry Pie. This fierce mix produces gorgeous dense buds with dark green foliage, lovely purple hues, and thin yet noticeable orange hairs. This potent strain packs a big punch due to its high THC content. Forbidden Fruit has amazing flavor, tantalizing aroma, and a gorgeous appearance. To top it all off, the mind and body effects never fail to disappoint.

Forbidden Fruit, classified as an indica strain with a touch of sativa, derives from a blend of Cherry Pie hybrid and Tangie sativa. This strain strikes a balance with 70% indica and 30% sativa, delivering the best of both worlds. Moreover, its potency stands out with a high THC content that adds to its appeal. Lab results indicate that Forbidden Fruit averages between 23% to 27% THC.

Forbidden Fruit Flav Live Resin Vape Pen

The Forbidden Fruit cannabis strain gets its name from the story of Eve taking the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. This strain has been called a “dankenstein,” which means a combination of two or more really potent strains. It is well balanced, great-tasting, and strong – making it a popular go-to strain for many. It’s also a popular therapeutic strain due to its euphoric effects. More like this are Strawberry Daiquiri Flav Disposable 0.5g and Teds Budz Weed Strains

Developed by the Dutch cultivators at Marijuana Seed company, Forbidden Fruit boasts a distinct terpene profile complemented by its alluring, compact bud formation. When seeking a momentary escape from the challenges of daily life, this strain serves as the ideal choice. The resulting experience is a thrilling one, whereby the body relaxes deeply into a trance-like state while the mind is soothed. This meditative state allows for the worries of the day to fade away. Furthermore, You should check out all Flav Disposables Flavors.

Flav Bar Forbidden Fruit Flavor Review

The strain is stronger than most, so be but sure to keep the dosage low to medium to avoid feelings of paranoia. Forbidden Fruit is best consumed in the evening. This bud is very pungent and appetizing, and will leave your mouth watering.

ORIGIN Tangie and Cherry Pie
EFFECTS Euphoria and calmness
FRAGRANCE Aroma of flowers and fruit
FLAVORS Lemon citrus
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) No reported adverse side effects
MEDICAL Eases migraines, chronic pain, and muscle spasms


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