Flav Disposable – Live Resin Papaya (HYBRID) 1g


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   84.18%



Papaya Flav Disposable Bar 1000mg Rechargeable Cart

Papaya Flav Disposable Vape is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that is known for producing a mental calmness, though many consumers also find that this strain makes them energetic and productive. Nirvana Seeds bred this to be their take on a Mango strain and crossed Citral #13 with Ice #2 to make their own fruit. They met their own challenge and Papaya smells uncannily like its namesake. The taste is similar to its tropical fruit counterpart, but a spicy, peppery side also becomes apparent. The plants stay fairly short and thin, producing lots of fluffy buds with papaya-orange hairs in 8 or 9 weeks.

This product utilizes an advanced high terpene extraction process that preserves the natural terpene profiles of the cannabis, producing an ultra-premium user experience.

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This is the case of the strain named Papaya. This seemingly harmless weed that greatly resembles the taste and aroma of the actual fruit is actually one of the highly potent strains available.

On that note, Papaya strain is actually a perfect reminder that flavor is not everything in the cannabis world. One cannot judge a strain’s power solely on how it tastes like. In fact, the information below will explore more on that point. Read on and learn more about this strong and flavorful cannabis variety.

Papaya Flav Bar strain Flavor review

Papaya is Nirvana Seeds’ version of KC Brains’ Mango strain. To create this strain, Nirvana Seeds crossed Cintral No. 13 and Ice No. 2. The strain’s dominating Indica content and strong physical high are more likely influenced by the Afghani landrace in its lineage. If you like papaya you’ll also like  Tropical Trainwreck Flav Disposable and Double dream raw garden disposable


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