Skywalker OG (INDICA) | Flav Disposable Vape 1G


Strain Type   Indica
THC   92.30%
Quantity    1 Gram


Skywalker OG Flav Disposable Pen 1G

Skywalker OG Flav Disposable THC Vape Bar Cartridge, is a super mellow indica that is considered a big player in the big leagues. This strain will make you feel relaxed and like you are floating – a very reliable heavy-hitter that is enjoyed by amateurs and veterans alike.

The unique hybrid known as Skywalker OG is undoubtedly exceptional and fittingly christened. It originates from the renowned OG Kush strain blended with Skywalker, resulting in a formidable plant that surpasses expectations. Despite its uncertain parentage, this strain emits strong positive energy.

Flav Bar Skywalker OG Live Resin Vape

There are claims that this particular strain has origins from a combination of other strains that were mixed with OG Kush. Nonetheless, there is unanimous agreement that this is the most potent OG strain available. With THC levels consistently measuring at a minimum of 20%, this bud boasts significant potency.

OG embodies the perfect balance between all the elements that you would want present in a truly great indica. If you are looking for a gentle out-of-body float that will direct you far into outer space, then this might be the perfect strain for you. You might also like Wedding Cake Flav Disposable and Blueberry cookies raw gardens

Skywalker OG Flav Cart Strain Effects

This strain will make you feel relaxed and happy, with a warm fuzziness enveloping your body. Skywalker OG instills a lovely euphoria that kicks in almost instantly. The couch-lock can be quite strong in this indica, and it can have the tendency to make you feel like you are ready for bedtime.


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