Flav Disposable Bars – Gelato (HYBRID) 1G


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Strain Type   HYbrid
THC   92.10%
Quantity    1 Gram

Gelato Flav Disposable Vape Cart

Gelato Flav Disposable Bar is from a legendary lineage, the Gelato Cake strain is dominantly indica, born from the famous Gelato #33 and beloved Wedding Cake strains.
The origins of this strain, also known as “ice cream cake,” are somewhat unclear, as Seed Junky Genetics claims to be the original breeders, but there is no concrete confirmation. However, one thing that is certain is the Gelato Cake’s widespread popularity and its outstanding flavor profile.

Delivering an all-around hybrid high that starts with a cerebral rush before subsiding into the relaxing body-high that indica strains are known for.  Once smoked, there is little debate whether Gelato Cake strain is sativa or indica.

Gelato Flav Live Resin Pen

More so checkout Sour Diesel Flav disposable and Teds Budz Weed Strains. This indica-dominant strain (75% indica to 35%) is a great nighttime strain for unwinding after a long day and relaxing into an evening of movies and snacks. As mentioned earlier, the origins are unknown, although thankfully, seeds are available online if you would like to cultivate this strain yourself.

The ever-growing popularity of this strain can be accredited to the heavy-hitter genes that make up Gelato Cake genetics. Both its parent strains are legends in their own right that have built up quite a name for themselves within the industry. Gauging by the Gelato Cake strain reviews, many people tend to hold it in the same regard.

Flav Bar Gelato Strain Flavor Review

The other parent strain is Gelato #33, a fairly balanced hybrid resulting from the merging of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. Gelato Cake weed seems to have inherited the best from its parents and is quickly carving a legacy of its own. Furthermore, You should check out all Flav Disposables Flavors.

Origin Wedding Cake, Gelato 33
Plant type 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
THC 18%-25%
CBD 0.4% – 0.71%
Effects Euphoria
Flavors Sour citrus | Creamy | Vanilla


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