Wedding Cake (INDICA) | Flav Disposable Vape 1G


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Strain Type   Indica
THC   87.32%
Quantity    1 Gram

Wedding Cake Flav Disposable 1G Rechargeable Cart

Wedding Cake Flav Disposable THC Cartridge, perhaps one of the most potent flavors in the Flav today. Consistently, it tests beyond the 20% level and borders on the 30%, as well as being indica dominant. No doubt, it is a thrill seeker’s strain. Beginners may find its level of potency to be too intense and overwhelming.

This is not to say that one should totally avoid the Indica-leaning bud. Rather, that moderation must be practiced at all times. With that said, bells ring as Wedding Cake’s onset begins. It is usually quick to take effect, blanketing the mind with a rush of euphoria. After hours, it settles into the limbs; kneading it like a masseuse. Depending on the dosage, the comedown could be sedating.

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The batter from Girl Scout Cookies was used to develop Wedding Cake. From it, the strain gained its creative and mind-bending cerebral buzz as well as its undertones of violet. Its other qualities, on the other hand, are from Cherry Pie which is renowned for its flavorful buds and long-lasting high. More like this strain include, Super Lemon Haze Flav Disposable and Teds Budz Weed Packs.

Its comedown is deeply relaxing. Starting off at the temples, a light pressure makes its way down to the rest of the body. It kneads each muscle free of tension and removes tightness around the limbs. In this way, users can move like a well-oiled machine; improving efficiency in completing tasks.

Wedding Cake Flav Vape Pen Strain Effects

One thing to remember though is that it each bar contains at least 25% THC and could go beyond. Using more than one’s personal tolerance could lead to an overwhelming head high that stuns users into a couch lock. As such, moderation is essential in enjoying Wedding Cake as a strain. Furthermore, You should check out all Flav Disposable Carts.


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