Flav Edibles Bite – Rainbow – 100mg


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  • Squares

Rainbow Flav Bite Cannabis Infused Edibles

Rainbow Bite Flav Edibles, A bag of 20 sweetly sour bites of cannabis infused rainbow deliciousness. 5mg each and made with the finest ingredients. With the sour apple flavored gummy rings coated in sugar, combined with 10mg of cannabis goodness per ring, these snacks allow you to medicate in a manner that you’re most comfortable with. Bursting with flavor and hitting just the right amount of weed goodness is what Flav does best with their Flav Apple Rings.

Sweet candy flavored with the benefits of premium cannabis, Flav Ring makes medicating enjoyable. Flav Candy, Vegan, Bites, Beverages and the Flav Rings, Drops, Squares. More so are Flav Edibles CBN – Sleep Well Gummiezzz – 100mg and Loquat cooler Raw garden


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