Flav Edibles Chocolate – Caramel Balls – 100mg


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Chocolate Flav Caramel Balls Cannabis Infused Edibles

Chocolate Caramel Balls Flav Edibles, Flav Caramel Balls are dark chocolate coated balls of caramel with a slight coffee finish and a dusting of cocoa powder. Add that to being infused with premium cannabis, and you have a delicious snack with 10mg THC per piece for easily controlled dosing. Bursting with flavor and hitting just the right amount of weed goodness is what Flav does best with their Flav Apple Rings.

Sweet candy flavored with the benefits of premium cannabis, Flav Ring makes medicating enjoyable. Flav Candy, Vegan, Bites, Beverages and the Flav Rings, Drops, Squares. These go well with, Flav Edibles Gummy Drop – Wild Cherry – 100mg and Strawberry Mojito Raw Garden Vape

Flav Caramel Balls Infused Chocolate Edibles

The nuggets are a humble shade of green with small yellowy-orange pistils along the surface, coated in trichome crystals that soften their color. Don’t let that fool you, though. When it comes to flavor, aroma, and effects, the Apple strain certainly delivers on all fronts.

Apple pot strain has an incredibly flavorful terpene profile, making this delectable strain a popular go-to for those who enjoy vibrant tasting weed. With Limonene and Caryophyllene, Apple ’ flavor is one of its greatest selling points by far.


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