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Frosties Runtz is indica dominant hybrid strain with a 65:35 indica/sativa ratio. The strain is quite popular amongst new and experienced cannabis users alike. Additionally, it has a 22% THC content with 2.4% CBD levels

Buy Frosties Runtz weed Strain Flower Packs, This Flavor is extracted in other forms edibles also like Vlone Runtz Live Resin, Disposables, Seeds, Gummies Dabs, Terps Hashish, High THC, Mind-blowing prerolls weed or cannabis packs.  Bags,

What do you think, this flower is a Sativa, Indica OR Hybrid strain 🙂 ? 

Weight : 3.5 Grams 


Buy Frosties Runtz.

This Indica dominant cannabis strain is the Nero Cut edition, it’s a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato. Nero is part owner of the Runtz brand.Frosties Runtz Home Delivery

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