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Berner’s Cookies Brand

Name: Gary Payton

Weight: 3.5 Grams

Strain Type: Hybrid


Gary Payton Berner Cookies Strain Flower 3.5G

Gary Payton Berner Cookies Strain, is a delightful combination of sweet citrus and diesel with an added touch of earthiness that makes it distinct. Its ancestry is unmistakable as the flavors of GSC and The Y are present, yet the dominant flavor is that of Snowman.

Its taste is further complemented by skunky dankness, hazelnuts, pine cones, and berries. What lingers is a gratifying earthiness that reminds the smoker of the novelty of the strain, which hasn’t been experienced in years.

For medicinal purposes, Gray Payton has been highly recommended for patients dealing with chronic pain, depression, stress, lack of appetite, and fatigue. Its therapeutic benefits have already garnered attention from those in the medical community.

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Achieving the ideal balance between Sativa and Indica produces a well-rounded high that offers ample relaxation without being too sedative. This strain induces a strong and soothing body buzz that won’t anchor you to the couch all night.
However, the most notable characteristic of this strain is its quick onset. With a potency ranging from 22% to 29% THC, Gray Payton delivers a cerebral experience without overwhelming the user. Also, we have Bundt Cake Berner cookies and Animal Cookies Rove Cartridge.

Berner Cookies Gary Payton Cannabis strain Effects

Despite not being classified as a beginner strain, Gary Payton is a manageable option for growers of all levels. Dedication, time, and determination are all that’s needed to succeed with this legendary balanced hybrid. Although best suited for indoor growing, the strain displays a few phenotype variations, which are still within the expected range.
Phenos with a more Indica leaning generally reach a maximum height of 1.2 meters (4 feet), while taller specimens can reach up to 1.8 meters when left to their own devices.
While this strain may benefit from stress training, growers are cautioned against letting it grow too wild. Multiple toppings, supercropping, and defoliation all help to bring out the best in this strain, with removing around 25 to 30% of the larger fan leaves during the last 2 weeks of vegetative growth encouraging a more even canopy.
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