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Cyro Cured Resin Gator Breath Cake She Hits Different Vape Review

Gator Breath Cake disposable is an indica-dominant hybrid boasting an average THC content of 23-25%, although tests have reported results of up to 33%! It is thought to have a 70% indica and 30% sativa ratio, a result of its parent strain, Triangle Kush, which has a 85% indica to 15% sativa ratio and a THC potency average of 20%, as well as 1% CBD. Another ancestor, Motorbreath, has a 70% indica to 30% sativa ratio.
To enhance your experience, Gator Breath disposable Live Resin takes things to the next level. They harvested it at the peak of trichome ripeness and stored it in a cryogenic freezer at -238 degrees F. This preserves up to 50% of terpene and cannabinoid profiles, optimizing flavor and user experience.

Strain Genetics | Aroma 

The genetic profile of Gator Breath is somewhat unclear and sedative. Its deep, trichome-coated buds hinted at a restful night. Knowing its parent strains, I anticipated a stoney headiness from the diesel-scented Gatorbreath Cake Vape, while Triangle Kush would surely sedate me. Gator Breath she hits different appeared perfect for my nighttime wind-down; I hoped not to succumb too quickly. Biscotti Cake disposable Carts and Cake Live Resin Disposable.

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Hints of lemon-scented cleaner, cinnamon, mint and gas give Gator Breath an odd mix of aromas, but it’s an enjoyable shake-up for Diesel and funk lovers. Soapy citrus notes pierce my nostrils first, with zesty, floral, tea-like smells lingering for a few seconds.
Gator Breath might lull you into deep waters after euphoric bouts of conversation or curiosity early on, but first-timers always drown in the end. After 45 minutes or an hour of hazy, absorbed fun, relaxation and stress relief snowball quickly, leaving projects unfinished or tickets un-purchased. The high enhances moods, not chores, and almost always accelerates closed eyelids.

Cake Bar Gator breath Strain Effects

Gator Breath Cake Pen, an indica-dominant hybrid, typically features a ratio of 70% indica to 30% sativa, with an average THC content of 23% to 25%. It has even been tested to reach as high as a whopping 33%!
The parent Triangle Kush, a descendent of the worldwide famous OG Kush, is also an indica-dominant hybrid, though has stronger indica dominance with a ratio of 85% to 15% sativa.
It has a THC potency average of 20% with 1% CBD. One of its ancestors, Motorbreath, is yet another indica-dominant hybrid strain with 70% indica to 30% sativa. Find the ideal Cake Weed Pens flavor for you.


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