Gelato Sundae Sauce Kurvana Disposable Bars Carts HYBRID – CARBON21 All-In-One


 Strain Type   HYBRID
  THC   82.2%
  Quantity   500mg


Gelato Sundae Sauce Kurvana Disposable Bar Straw

Gelato Sundae Sauce Kurvana Disposable Bar. True to its legendary genetics, this earthy and sweet citrus pairing offers a relaxing and euphoric effect. CARBON21 Sauce is one of many extraction methods we use to produce a concentrate with high levels of terpenes and incredibly robust flavor profiles.

The concentrated batches are curated by employing sub-zero temperatures and strain-dependent techniques to help control the consistency and viscosity throughout the extraction process, allowing cannabinoid compounds to crystallize. The result is a high terpene and cannabinoid sauce concentrate ready to be enjoyed without dabbing hardware.

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Sundae Driver is a 2018 creation by the breeders at Cannarado Genetics in Colorado. A cross of FPOG (also called Fruity Pebbles OG) and Grape Pie, Sundae Driver favors a creamy, grape flavor and matching aromas.

Sundae Driver’s potency and terpene palette won votes for one of the best strains of 2018 by High Times magazine. Also, Do-Si-Dos Sauce Kurvana Disposable Bars Carts INDICA – CARBON21 All-In-One. Our ready to use All-In-One is back and better than ever. Known for its patented signature look, precise delivery, and compact design we’ve made significant updates to deliver breakthrough performance with ultra portability.

Gelato Sundae Sauce Kurvana THC Disposable Bars Live Resin

Meanwhile, your mind is buzzing, not a lot, as you are still functional and may, in fact, talk too much with open honesty. Hence, Call it a truth serum, if you will. Kidding aside, some users have described the experience as more like being comatose as you literally feel your body feeling heavy, which is why you don’t feel like moving at all.

EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Euphoric – 9
Happy – 9
Hungry – 7
Uplifted – 6
FRAGRANCE Fruity, skunky
FLAVORS Sweet, fruity, woody, tropical
Dry Eyes – 8
Dizzy – 3
Paranoid – 3
Anxious – 2


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