Gelato Sundae Sauce (HYBRID) | Kurvana Disposable – CARBON21 All-In-One


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 Strain Type   HYBRID
  THC   82.2%
  Quantity   500mg

Kurvana Bar Gelato Sundae Sauce Live Resin Pen

Gelato Sundae Sauce Kurvana Disposable All-In-One vape from our esteemed CARBON21 line of concentrates, this unique hybrid boasts a delectable blend of earthy, fruity, and citrus notes that truly exemplify its legendary genetics. Made by crossing Gelato #33 with Sundae Sauce, our Gelato Sundae strain sauce is presented in its raw concentrate form, preserving all the cannabinoid, flavonoid, and terpene complexities of the live plant.

With a smooth and creamy flavor profile and strong indica dominance, this is a decadent hybrid vape that offers a relaxing and euphoric effect. Its sweet, fruity, and citrus flavors are complemented by earthy and sweet aromatics with a hint of vanilla upon exhale, making it a fan favorite. The best part? Kurvana’s All-In-One Gelato Sundae Sauce requires no additional battery or charging, making it a hassle-free indulgence.

Gelato Sundae Sauce Kurvana Disposable Vape

Kurvana’s Gelato Sundae Sauce All-In-One vape pen is made purely of raw cannabis concentrate without any added substances. This hybrid THC vape pen is renowned for its irresistible dessert-like taste and its potent, relaxing effects. The strain produces a powerful but tranquil euphoria, making users feel elated, joyful, and hungry. Most users enjoy the vape during the day or at night, depending on the dose. For experienced cannabis users, the strain is not overpowering, but higher dosages may induce sleepiness, making it an ideal bedtime treat. More so, have a look at all Kurvana Disposable Flavors.
Medical users have found the strain useful in easing nausea and managing pain. The vape is also valuable in promoting sleep. Gelato Sundae Sauce cannabinoid ratio is 87.31% THC, 11.24% THCa, and 0.29% CBD. The total cannabinoid content is 92.83% with total THC of 87.31% and THCa of 11.24%, while CBD accounts for 0.29%. Please note that the potencies of the strain vary from batch to batch. For same effects try these Do-Si-Dos Sauce Kurvana Disposable and Waui Rove Cart


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