Girl Scout Cookies (INDICA) | Big Chief THC Cartridge 1G


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   84.27%
Quantity    1 Gram



Big Chief Girl Scout Cookies Premium Distillate Cartridges

Girl Scout Cookies Big Chief a slightly indica-dominant hybrid strain, GSC is known for its power and flavor. Moreover, It is popular in the scene for its effectivity and clean high, but is a relatively low yielder compared to other strains but its unique strength makes it worth the wait.

Although much hype surrounds Girl Scout Cookies and its origins, the strain basically consists of a South Florida OG Kush blended with Durban Poison. Hence, GSC is a unique blend that lives up to its reputation from being featured in a number of rap songs.

Girl Scout Cookies Big Chief Cartridges Live Resin THC Vape

Its heritage guarantees a solid mix of a sativa head-high with an indica body-high. Eventually,  providing the best of both worlds and perfectly suitable for those seeking creative stimulation as well as physical relaxation. Do also checkout Chief Carts Gorilla Glue and Blackberry Kush Kurvana Disposable.

A strain that is named in a misleading fashion, Girl Scout Cookies is notoriously potent. Actually, Those seeking out a predominantly happy, euphoric high have found their match. It relaxes the body without making it feel heavy. Still, It has been lauded for providing an energetic boost of creativity and sociability, a high best enjoyed in good company.

Other effects include a sense of confidence and unwinding, causing good vibes and giddiness and the desire to laugh and goof around. Know that, The high is said to start off in your head, stimulating the temples, while spreading into the body.

Firstly, Well-loved for its sweet and earthy aroma, Girl Scout Cookies has an enticing whiff to it. Lastly,  There is a certain earthiness to its presence, that is then broken up with hints of chocolate and mint, with a generous dash of spiciness.

The Girl Scout Cookie strain is renowned for its ability to induce feelings of happiness, relaxation, euphoria, and upliftment, while also stimulating creativity. Its aroma is a complex blend of fruity, diesel, skunky, and minty notes, while its flavor profile includes a delightful mix of sweet, earthy, pungent, lemony, minty, spicy, and herbal notes.


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