Gorilla Purps | Raw Garden Ready-To-Use Refined 1G Live Resin


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   89%
Quantity    1 Gram


Gorilla Purps Refined Live Resin™ Ready-to-Use

Raw Garden Disposable Gorilla Purps Refined 1G Ready to Use Vape

Gorilla Purps Raw Garden is an indica-dominant hybrid, hailing from Northern California, possesses the power to silence its consumers with relaxation. Although the strain’s genetic background remains a mystery, it is suspected to have descended from another purple favorite from NorCal, the Mendocino Purps. Regardless of its origins, Gorilla Purps is here to stay, flaunting stunning buds and providing a therapeutic high that calms and soothes. Testing shows its THC content falls between 15% and 21%.

Gorilla Purps’s small, spherical flowers cluster together like popcorn, revealing a compact, dense structure characteristic of an indica. The tightly curled leaves range from dark olive green to patches of purple, displaying hues from lavender to deep indigo due to the activation of anthocyanin pigments from the cold weather in the growing process. The flowers are also blanketed by cloudy white trichomes, providing a sticky texture and appearing almost icy from a distance.
Despite the predominance of purple in Gorilla Purps’s flowers, it is not necessarily indicative of a grape aroma. The strain’s terpene compounds primarily offer an earthy, musky scent, although grape and cherry-like fragrances also contribute to its flavor profile. Smoking this strain releases a smooth, flavorful smoke with a hint of peppery kick and a taste combination of grape, citrus, and pine.

Gorilla Purps Raw Garden Ready to Use Disposable Vape Bars Review

Gorilla Purps’s high takes several minutes to take effect but quickly makes up for lost time, sometimes overwhelming users with its potency. A flush in the cheeks, slight throbbing around the eyes and temples, and changes in sensory perception, such as an impaired ability to discern depth or strong feelings of time dilation, are common indicators that the strain is working. The physical effects of the strain are its most notable characteristics, leaving users immobile as they melt into their surroundings. The high also induces mental stimulation in the form of freely associative thinking or a tendency to zone in on a single concept. Gorilla Purps is likely to make users lazy and easily amused, perfect for a gathering of friends or to unwind after a long day. Due to its sedative properties, the strain is best consumed in the evening or before sleep. Ever heard of Peanut Butter Breath Raw Garden and Orange Apricot Rove Cartridge.
The sedative effects of Gorilla Purps can also be advantageous to medical cannabis patients. It alleviates symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, and PTSD, temporarily providing relief to patients struggling with such conditions. Additionally, it can alleviate deep-seated aches and pains and minor ailments like headaches or nausea. Gorilla Purps may stimulate the appetite for patients struggling with hunger due to disease or treatments like chemotherapy. Since it is not known to cause obsessive, recursive thinking, it is a suitable option for patients prone to panic or paranoia or with a low THC tolerance. In conclusion, Gorilla Purps is an exceptional strain that delivers relaxation, therapeutic effects, and flavor all in one package.


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