Grape Vinez | PlugPacks Weed : PlugnPlay – Oz (28G)


Strain Type   INDICA
THC   39.87%
Quantity    28G (OZ)


Grape Vinez PlugPacks Weed Ounce (28G)

Grape Vinez PlugPacks weed is a highly sought-after indica dominant hybrid strain, produced by crossing two legendary strains, Grape Ape and Do-Si-Dos. Its delectable flavor and famous parentage make Grape Vinez a top choice for any lover of indica strains. The strain is renowned for its sweet, fruity grape taste, which is balanced with a subtle spice and nutty aftertaste that will leave your taste buds craving more.

The fragrance of Grape Vine exhibits a harmonious blend of nutty vanilla cookies and sweet yet piquant fruity grapes throughout its entirety, presenting the finest qualities of its parent strains. Its effect is equally delectable, providing a sustained experience that initiates with physical vivacity before descending into profound and all-encompassing repose. Also, Ice Cream Cake  PlugPacks Weed and Lilium Teds Budz.

PlugnPlayPacks Grape Vinez kush strain Flavors

As soon as you exhale, a burst of mental energy will flood your mind, creating a euphoric sensation that ignites your cognitive abilities and enables you to engage in conversations with ease. Simultaneously, a physical tranquility will gradually wash over you, causing you to sink into the couch and become fully relaxed from head to toe, unable to move.

The sedative effects of Grape Vine will take you by surprise and lull you into a deep sleep before you even realize it. Known for its exceptionally high THC levels, averaging over 20%, Grape Vine is commonly used to alleviate various conditions including chronic stress, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, ADD, and ADHD. Its conical olive green buds with hints of mint and thin amber hairs are adorned with tiny white crystal trichomes with an amber tint.


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