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 Strain Type HYBRID
  Quantity   500mg

Kurvana Grapefruit Kush Disposable Vape

Grapefruit Kush Kurvana Disposable Cart as a kush descendant of the Afghani Kush family, it delivers an energizing cerebral high and a burst of tangy citrus flavor. This sativa-dominant hybrid is the result of crossbreeding BC Kush and Grapefruit, resulting in a sweet and tangy grapefruit candy taste that’s unparalleled in the cannabis world.

Firstly, What makes this cannabis oil truly exceptional is its origin as a natural flower. The product maintains all of the original flower’s desirable qualities, from its pleasant hash-like aftertaste to the broad spectrum of terpenes. Hence, Limonene and beta-caryophyllene are expertly blended to produce a citrusy scent, with a faint hint of sweet pepper in the background.
Lastly, Our Grapefruit Kush All-In-One vape is effortless to use, without any additional charging or battery required. It’s ideal for busy people who want a quick and satisfying vaping experience.

Grapefruit Kush Kurvana Disposable Bar

For those seeking the stimulating effects of a sativa strain that often inspires creativity, Grapefruit Kush is a delightful option. As a mood-enhancing hybrid, it offers a blend of joyous euphoria, enthusiasm, and tranquility. Though it can be enjoyed at any time, its ability to assist with concentration makes it a daytime favorite among users.
In the medical world, Grapefruit Kush is frequently utilized to improve mood and increase energy, while promoting relaxation. Its exceptional reputation as a vape pen for depression stems from these benefits. As a testament to its potency, Grapefruit Kush boasts an impressive total cannabinoid count of 84.07%. With a total THC level of 78.58% and a total CBD level of 0.45%.

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