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Halara Cartridges with a small team of dedicated individuals are driven by a passion for quality. Owned and operated by three chemical engineers, we specialize in creating exceptional cannabis cartridges, made only with the finest ingredients. From the farm to the device, our meticulous attention to detail guarantees an outstanding vaping experience. Elevate your vaping experience with us today!

Halara provides cannabis enthusiasts with a 100% live resin cartridge, offering the highest quality product free of any deceptive practices. We create our cartridges using freshly sourced cannabis and extract it at sub zero temperatures to maintain its unique flavor profile. To complete our process, we re-incorporate the diamonds to create a terpene spectrum for a full, rich taste.

Our products feature an ultra-high concentration of THC and a wide variety of cannabinoids, including CBG, THCV, and CBC, designed to optimize your experience without overwhelming you with heavy terpenes or harsh coughing and sneezing.

Halara’s Live Diamond Sauce Cartridges are crafted in a small number of limited-edition batches, making them highly sought-after! To get your hands on these products, be sure to check in with your local dispensary for the Halara selections they currently carry.

What is Halara Brand

The Halara brand, coined from the Greek phrase ‘take it easy’, encapsulates the spirit of the cannabis community. Started by three chemical engineers in Santa Rosa, CA, the company continues to collaborate with industry experts to produce top-tier products. Our specially designed vape cartridges illustrate our dedication to excellence, granting the opportunity to indulge in life and savor the moment.

During our last year in chemical engineering, our professor joked about creating cannabis extract, and we took it as a challenge. That became our focus – producing the finest cannabis goods we could. Without any hesitation, we relinquished our planned careers to pursue our goal. This is how Halara was born, out of a vision for customers to enjoy a flavorful and smooth smoking experience without having to cough. We’re just getting going, and there’s much more to come.

Halara Cartridges Reviews Reddit

Halara’s Juicy Jack vape, a high-THC sativa cartridge with a citrus and pine flavor. It is recommended as a great morning pick-me-up that provides joyful euphoria and focus. The vape offers a smooth vaping experience and is seen as a better alternative to coffee. The ethos of Halara, which means take it easy in Greek, is reflected in this product. This sativa-infused vape cartridge filled me with invigorating energy without any accompanying jitters. It enabled me to move effortlessly from task to task, without feeling overwhelmed by the work I had to complete.

Halara Carts Live Diamond Sauce Flavors

Crafted with a single ingredient, Halara Live Diamond Sauce cartridges are made from 100% strain-specific live resin, ensuring the unique flavor of each strain is preserved. Their ceramic core and carefully calibrated holes allow for the perfect puff size every time. Unadulterated and without the use of any additives or distillation, each small-batch, artisan cartridge provides a convenient, yet flavorful dabbing experience for connoisseurs. With the rotation of strains based on seasonal availability, the Live Diamond Sauce line has quickly become a fan favorite.

The Purple Anarchy flavor carries an aroma of peppery and purple, while its taste is peppery and kushy upfront, followed by subtle grape fronts and herbaceous and creamy undertones. It gives off a relaxing and sedative feeling.

The SFV OG blend brings to the forefront the combination of herby and zesty citrus flavours, all underpinned by a hint of tropical fuel.

Musky Kiwi rind along with subtle hints of strawberry create a complex blend of woody and sugary undertones. The aroma of a freshly made fruit cocktail combined with toasted sugar gives off a feeling of both uplifting and calming.

Minty Menage presents a delectable combination of thin mint cookies with subtle notes of herbs and pine, alongside a funky, gassy aroma and a hint of cacao and cinnamon. Enjoy the feeling of being both relaxed and tingly.

Yeti OG exudes a pungent diesel and fuel scent with creamy sour cheese and citrusy nuances. Its bouquet carries a potent aroma of gasoline and pine. Consuming this strain is known to induce a feeling of relaxation and calm.

Amnesia Valley offers a flavor that has the aroma of a nature hike in the redwoods. The taste consists of the front of terrarium wood and earth, as well as herbal and sweet undertones that finish with a floral springtime taste. The overall experience is both uplifting and psychedelic.

The pungent, earthy, and diesel-like flavor of Moon Venom offers a smooth transition to creamy dairy, accentuated with alfalfa, vanilla, and honey notes. Its scent reminiscent of a Sonoma County Cow Pasture invites feelings of relaxation and contentment.

Honeysuckle, SAGE, Grape Pie, Peanut butter souffle, Gummiez, Lemongrass Funk, Baked Berries, Modified Grapes, Alien Taffy, Saltwater OG, Brr Berry, Gush Mintz, Cherry Kush, Do Ski dos, Lucid Space dream, 

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Honeysuckle, SAGE, Grape Pie, Peanut butter souffle, Gummiez, Lemongrass Funk, Baked Berries, Modified Grapes, Alien Taffy, Saltwater OG, Brr Berry, Gush Mintz, Cherry Kush, Do Ski dos, Lucid Space dream, Purple daddy (High THC), Juicy Jack (High THC), Strawnana Smoothie (High THC)


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