Hashbar OG (Hybrid) | Loudpack Premieum 3.5G Cannabis Flower


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   46%
Quantity    3.5G

Loudpack Hashbar OG  Kush Packs Premium Cannabis Flower 3.5g

Hashbar OG Loudpack weed is the ideal strain for rainy afternoons when a boost of motivation is needed to tackle tasks. Upon exhaling, a burst of creativity is often experienced, along with an uplifted mood that can last for several hours. It’s the perfect time to tackle to-do lists or catch up with friends. Before long, the relaxing effects of Hashbar OG kick in, allowing for an enjoyable and relaxing evening without feeling too heavy or sedated.

Hashbar OG is a great option for those looking to medicate with cannabis, despite its low CBD levels. This strain has been known to soothe anxious thoughts and works wonders for individuals struggling with stress or depression. It’s also said to provide long-lasting relief for those experiencing chronic pain or the occasional ache. Additionally, some individuals have reported that a few tokes of Hashbar OG can rectify nausea or a loss of appetite.
Experienced growers have stated that Hashbar OG is a resilient plant that can withstand extreme sunshine, unusual lighting conditions, and humidity. It can be planted both indoors and outdoors, with the potential for interesting results when experimenting with cultivation techniques. Plants tend to be short, but growers can try hydroponics and Sea of Green to achieve different harvest results. Indoor growth can take as little as 7 to 9 weeks, while outdoor plants are ready at the end of September.

Hashbar OG Loudpack weed Bulk Wholesale Discount Premium Flavor Review

There is no denying that cannabis enthusiasts all have their own opinions when it comes to where the best strains originate from. However, it is common knowledge that the Pacific Northwest tends to rank quite high on many lists. Archive Seed Bank has once again proven this fact with the creation of Hashbar OG, which is a cross between Face Off OG and PNW Hashplant. This strain is known for its bold flavor and effects, making it a favorite amongst individuals residing in Washington and Oregon.
The potency of Hashbar OG remains quite consistent, typically measuring anywhere between 20% and 24% THC. The nugs are quite cute, featuring a small and tight structure covered with fuzzy orange hairs and small trichomes, resembling a tiny woodland creature. While the flavors are straightforward, smokers are enveloped in a strong blend of citrus, earth, and pine, making for a perfect daytime toke. Diving into the world of flavors? Checkout these Mint Julip Loudpack Weed and Hindu Lights Rove Cartridge.
Even if you’re new to smoking cannabis and don’t have a high tolerance yet, Hashbar OG is a strain that should not be missed. Its exciting flavor profile and mix of effects make it a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast. With its origins in the Pacific Northwest, it’s clear that this strain lives up to the region’s reputation for producing exceptional cannabis.


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