Heavy OG (Hybrid) | Loudpack Premieum 3.5G Cannabis Flower


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   47%
Quantity    3.5G

Loudpack Premium Cannabis Flower Heavy OG 3.5g THC Terps Effects

Heavy OG Loudpack weedan indica-leaning cannabis strain, boasts a terpene profile that is typical of Indica flowers. With limonene and myrcene as the dominant terpenes, Heavy OG offers distinct citrus, berry, and diesel flavors. Caryophyllene contributes pine and peppery hints, detectable with every inhale. If you have previously experienced the effects of Heavy OG through smoking, dabbing, or other methods, we encourage you to leave a review and share your thoughts.

The origins of Heavy OG remain shrouded in mystery, but it is believed to be a hybrid of unidentified plants resulting in a potent strain boasting THC levels of up to 24%. Its distinctive flavor profile features a blend of pine notes and the sweet tang of berry, rounded out by a subtle earthy undertone.

It appears that they may be referring to an overweight and elderly individual, without specifying any particular name. Perhaps they have chosen to keep the identity of this person anonymous. The proposed name for this strain could be “Fat-Gangsta”, which seems to be met with enthusiasm and celebration as a new addition to the roster. The atmosphere is lively, with the sound of a soulful applause and a chorus chanting “new strain, new strain, new strain, new strain” filling the air.

Heavy OG Loudpack weed Premium Flavor Bud Review Reddit

Heavy OG is an excellent choice for evening use, particularly after a long, exhausting day or when feeling stressed. Its uplifting effects quickly relieve stress and promote relaxation while inducing happiness and giggles. The Indica-dominant genetics also offer a sleepy feeling, further aiding in relaxation.
Heavy OG’s soothing effects make it a go-to option for individuals looking to cope with stress, insomnia, lack of appetite, and fatigue. However, its high THC levels can lead to potential adverse reactions such as dry mouth, dizziness, concern, and paranoia, particularly for individuals sensitive to cannabis.
This strain grows well both indoors and outdoors, with a flowering time of 55-64 days. Heavy OG grows to a medium height of 30-60 inches, yielding 1-2 Oz/Ft². Diving into the world of flavors? Checkout these Triangle Mintz Loudpack Weed and Hibiscus Rove Cartridge.


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