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 Strain Type SATIVA
  Quantity   500mg

Kurvana Bar High Fashion Vape Review

High Fashion Kurvana Disposable Bar is known for its ability to boost moods, stimulate creativity, and induce feelings of happiness and euphoria. It is a versatile option for a variety of activities, from social gatherings to solo projects. As with all cannabis products, it is recommended to start with a low dose and gradually increase.

Medical users of our High Fashion sativa vape have praised it as a go-to option for alleviating depression and fatigue, as well as reducing pain and tension. At Kurvana, we are committed to providing the highest quality cannabis oil available. Our unique proprietary extraction process preserves the full spectrum of the plant’s phytochemicals, including terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. We use the entire live plant to maintain the oil’s true-to-strain taste and aroma, without adding artificial flavorings or other distracting additives.
Kurvana’s High Fashion cartridge is made from a composite blend of THC and low concentrations of CBD, as well as cannabis-derived terpenes. Our commitment to quality and purity ensures that our customers receive the most natural and authentic cannabis experience possible.

High Fashion Kurvana Disposable Bar

High Fashion is a mood-enhancing cannabis strain that boosts happiness and creativity. Ideal for socializing, outdoor activities, and solo projects, it should be used in moderation due to its fast onset.

Kurvana’s High Fashion sativa vape is particularly useful for medical purposes, combating depression, fatigue, pain, and tension. We’re committed to delivering top-quality cannabis oil through our unique full-spectrum, whole-plant extraction method that preserves the plant’s essence without adding artificial additives. Our oil retains the plant’s natural taste and aroma, with no artificial flavorings or thinners added.

The Kurvana High Fashion cartridge blends cannabis oil and cannabis-derived terpenes, with THC as the primary cannabinoid and trace CBD. Potencies may vary by batch. Also Taste Jet Fuel Kurvana Disposable Bar and Purple urkle rove cart


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