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Honey Bun Cookies weed strain is a fusion of Sour Diesel and Cherry Pie, has taken the market by storm. Users report a gasoline, tangerine, and skunk scent while tasting like lemons, diesel, and pepper. Treeology Genetics created their own unique version by merging Berserker and Iris strains. Notable aromas include kush, pepper, and earth with a taste reminiscent of pepper and dirt with a subtle hint of lemon.

Cookies Co catapulted the strain’s success with their incorporation, sealing its illustrious position on the shelves. An indica-leaning hybrid, the strain contains Limonene, Caryophyllene, Humulene, Linalool, and Myrcene. THC levels range from 20% minimum to 3% CBD.

Created by Cookies and Seed Junkie Genetics, the Honey Bun Strain is a hybrid resulting from a cross between Gelatti and Honey B. Its aromatic profile evokes notes of floral, citrusy-nuttiness, and honey. The flavor it offers is reminiscent of a delicious, honey-glazed donut.

honey bun cookies strain

Berner’s Cookies Cannabis Honey Bun Review

At first, the honey bun cookies Weed had a strong presentation and a pleasing appearance. It was a light green, frosty-looking bud with a few concerns about the structure, like maybe some foxtailing. Its smell and taste, however, were rather bland.

Though the THC potency was listed as 22.8%, it did not live up to its label as “powerful”. The effects were mild and peaceful. The packaging also lacked pertinent information, such as what type of strain this was, and the website only redirects to another site. In the end, I would not recommend the Honey Bun flower as an example of what the Cookies brand is about.

The effects of Honey Bun, when consumed in moderation, are strong but not debilitating. This hybrid strain was developed by Growing Passion through the crossbreeding of The Original Honey Bun, and boasts a THC level of up to 16%. Announcing our stellar new product marshmallow og rove carts and Grenadine Cookies Weed Strain.

Gardeners may expect up to 18 oz/plant from outdoor growing, or approximately 1 oz/ft2 from indoor growing (or about 340 grams/m2). It’s important to note that, as there is still limited information about this strain, yields may vary depending on the grower’s level of expertise.

The THC levels of this strain fall in the range of 14% to 18% across various phenotypes of Honey Bun. That means the hybrid’s THC levels are not so high that they put you in a state of couchlock. But neither is it too low to make you feel you wasted your money.




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