Jealousy x Banana Cream (HYBRID) | Flight Path Weed 3.5 Grams


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   36.35%
Quantity    3.5 Grams

Flight Path Jealousy x Banana Cream Bud 3.5G Packs Flavor effects

Jealousy x Banana Cream Flight Path is characterized by sweet and mushy banana cream terpenes, accompanied by a heavy dough flavor that exudes notes of baked cookie and pie crust. A musky herbal background lingers in the air, enhanced by a subtle hint of dry cheese. Rubber terpenes, devoid of any burnt smell, also contribute to the aromatic profile. The sweet and creamy aroma is reminiscent of ice cream and lollipops. Upon breaking open the buds, one can detect a skunky and fruity gelato ice cream scent with a freezer burnt quality.

The buds themselves are large and chunky, with a dense layering of semi-foxtailed cones that gradually build upwards. The leaves-to-nug ratio is high, with hardly any visible leaf matter. The pistils are dark neon orange, giving the nugs a sherbet-like appearance. The trichomes have a mixture of long stalks with large and smaller heads, and are resplendent on the inside with perfect long stalks and huge wet heads.

Jealousy x Banana Cream Flight Path Cannabis kush strain Review

Indulge in the luxurious flavor and aroma of Banana Cream Cake X Jealousy, a delightful hybrid strain that boasts sweet candy-like notes and a decadent berry finish. Known for its ability to induce a heavy, couch-locked feeling while maintaining clear-headed focus, this strain is beloved by users seeking relaxation and mental clarity.

Please note that reported effects and flavors are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice. It is recommended that you consult with a physician before altering any medical treatment. You’ll definitely love these too Jealousy x Kush Mints Flight Path and Rove Disposable Cartridges

Upon combustion, the ash is pure white and fluffy, with the fattest of terpene rings and a resinous texture. The flavor is sweet and creamy with predominant herbal musk and slight undertones of spice, florals, and fruity ice cream sherbet gelatos. This is followed by the dough and baked cookie/pie flavors, with the banana terpenes adding an earthy dimension to the mix. The aftertaste is a combination of lemon, pine, and citrus, with a hint of mint, hops, or chocolate. Moreover, Don’t forget to view full list of Flight Path Weed Strains.
The effects of this strain are potent, with the onset taking 5-6 puffs to settle in. A 1.3g cone was sufficient to get the user RIPPED for 2.5 hours. The body high is heavy, melty, and couch-locking, while the mind feels hazy and stoned, with a clear-headed focus during the buzz. The experience ends with a sleepy and rested feeling, while the appetite is increased, and pain and nausea are relieved. The overall effect is calming and enjoyable.


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