CHEM 91 SKUNK (Hybrid) – Jungle Boys Weed Strains 3.5G Buds


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CBD % 1%
INDICA / SATIVA % 40% / 60%

   Jungle Boys CHEM 91 SKUNK strain – 3.5G Premium Cannabis flowers

Jungle Boys CHEM 91 SKUNK, is a pine-smelling hybrid with a disputed parentage. Despite it all, this strain has made it into an exclusive list of most asked for hybrids, which comes as o surprise. This strain often comes as a balanced hybrid, but sometimes leans more on its sativa side of things when it comes to its effects.

It does belong to the Chemdawg family that is known for being a popular root lineage used to create hybrids, and it is rumored that it is a descendant of a Thai landrace strain, but there is not much out there to confirm this claim. Chemdawg 91 is an excellent strain with matching mysterious roots.

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With its powerful fragrance, the scent of pungent pine from this substance is unmistakable. Its well-balanced traits make it highly sought-after and beloved. Also have a look at Connected Cannabis Strains and Jungle Boys Lemon Jack

The pungent and invigorating scent of lemon and earthy tones lingers in the atmosphere long after the bud is gone. With the essence of Chem 91, its flavors are as powerful as its scent. When smoking this bud, the senses are tantalized with a blast of citrus and pine, greatly enhancing the effects of the high.

 CHEM 91 SKUNK Strain THC Effects Reviewed 

Its body stone generally isn’t heavy, making it an ideal choice as a going out strain late at night, and is long lasting and effective in making you feel happier and more social. Lastly, There more Jungle boys cannabis strains available.

EFFECTS happy – 10
euphoric – 9
uplifted – 8
relaxed – 7
energetic – 5
dry eyes – 9
headache – 3
paranoid – 1
anxious – 1
FRAGRANCE diesel, earthy, lemon pine, pungent
FLAVORS pungent, earthy, diesel, citrus, pine
MEDICAL pain – 10
stress – 9
depression – 8
insomnia – 7
nausea – 4


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