Grape Topanga (Sativa) – Jungle Boys Weed Strains 7G Buds

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THC CONTENT %  31.9%
CBD %  0.4%
INDICA / SATIVA %  80%/20%

Jungle Boys Grape Topanga strain – 7G Premium Cannabis flowers

Jungle Boys Grape Topanga, used to be called Sour Grape, but that was a thing of the past. Stomper may actually have a more meaningful meaning because that is what it does, stomp on all things troubling you and kick them out of your system.

Nothing compares to the sheer joy of being surrounded by the people you love, and Grape Stomper provides the perfect atmosphere for it. Its social activities will keep everyone in high spirits and make the occasion truly unforgettable.

Over the years, breeders have worked on developing it into seed from clone-only. It traces its linage to Indica-dominant Purple Elephant and Sativa-dominant Chemdawg Sour Diesel.

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When the effects of Grape Topanga start to dissipate, there are a few advantages that can be enjoyed. One is that people who typically have low appetite may start to feel hungry. Also have a look at Jungle Boys Jungle Cake and Alien Labs Cannabis Packs.

Fortunately, This strain lives up to its expectations with its sweet candy-like berry flavored taste that is light. Similar to how it smells, it has a light aftertaste that should be universally agreeable to smokers.

Grape Topanga Strain THC Effects Reviewed 

Didn’t we say it stomps away things troubling you? So, any stress you might be feeling, it doesn’t stand a chance. Grape Stomper acts quite fast in rushing in a head high that not only uplifts your mood but to turn sour moods into one of laughter and pure bliss. More so, take a look at Jungle boys 3.5g Packs for sale.

EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Happy –
Uplifted – 9
Euphoric – 9
Tingly – 5
Dry eyes – 4
Dizzy – 3
Paranoid – 1
Anxious – 1
FRAGRANCE Sweet, sour, earthy, candy, grape
FLAVORS Sweet, fruity, candy, berry, grape
MEDICAL Stress – 10
Pain – 9
Depression – 7
Lack of appetite – 5
Headaches – 4


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