Jungle Apples (Indica) – Jungle Boys Weed Strains 7G Buds


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THC CONTENT %  31.9%
CBD %  0.4%
INDICA / SATIVA %  80%/20%
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Jungle Boys Jungle Apples strain – 7G Premium Cannabis flowers

Jungle Boys Jungle Apples, has a tropical jungle taste that blends together citrus and floral notes. In the palate, it explodes and swarms the mouth before delivering a reinvigorating, energizing high that lasts for hours. Eventually, the comfort each puff brings cradles users deeply like a swing tied in between branches of humongous trees.

This strain was developed using two staples in the cannabis industry. Tangie added a citrus flavor to its buds as well as a zesty hint of energizing creativity. Meanwhile, from the clone-only Animal Cookies, it gained its heavy body high. Ranging between 14% to 15%, it provides enough potency for both recreational and medical users to enjoy while maintaining a clear head.

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Upon inhaling, Jungle Apples seduces the taste buds with its delectable blend of tart and sweet citrus. Subtly balanced with subtle hints of lavender, the exhale presents a smoky, earthy finish that stays with you for hours after your last puff. Also have a look at Jungle boys  Grape Topanga. and All Alien Labs Cannabis Strains Packs.

Breaking open Jungle Apples unveils an intensely aromatic scent with strong floral and citrus tones. There is an alluring, though faint, sourness too, coupled with a gentle whiff of damp earth. This delightful fragrance will captivate your nose.

Jungle Apples Strain THC Effects Reviewed 

As a well-balanced hybrid,It has the quick-acting onset of its Sativa genes and a soothing comedown influenced by its Indica parentage. Its mixture of effects make it a versatile strain that can be enjoyed by enthusiasts with different tastes in buds. More so, take a look at Jungle boys 3.5g Packs for sale.

EFFECTS Focused – 10
Creative – 6
Relaxed – 6
Sleepy – 4
Energetic – 4
Dry mouth – 10
Paranoid – 8
FRAGRANCE Floral, citrus, sour, fruity, earthy
FLAVORS Sweet, sour, citrus, floral, lavender, earthy
MEDICAL Stress – 8
Lack of appetite – 9
Insomnia – 8
Eye pressure – 7
Depression – 2

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