LA Kush Cake (Sativa) – Jungle Boys Weed Strains 7G Buds


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THC CONTENT %     22.05%
INDICA / SATIVA %    20%/80%


 Jungle Boys LA Kush Cake strain – 7G Premium Cannabis flowers

Jungle Boys LA Kush Cake, is well on its way to becoming a legendary marijuana strain in its own right. Its THC levels are higher than most, even at its lowest, with an average range of 22% – 25%. Its CBD content is less than 2%, but it contains a powerhouse of terpenes.

The delectable THC-heavy hybrid was aptly named Layer Cake and has garnered a reputation for leaving even the most veteran users spellbound.It’s no surprise this hybrid is sativa leaning, considering its parent strains, but what may surprise you is that it’s only slightly indica dominant, with an almost balanced 60/40 split.

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Upon tasting, one experiences the expected GSC flavors of berry, sugar, and yeast. But, an unexpected blend of aged cheese, spice, diesel, and wood also come into play. This flavor mixture culminates in a surprisingly creamy and buttery aftertaste. Also have a look at Jungle Boys  Creamsicle and Jungle Boys Lava Cake

It has a pungent aroma reminiscent of aged cheese and cedarwood, with undertones of diesel, burnt rubber, pine, and skunk. Soon you’ll notice a sweet and savory aroma peek through as the cookies, cake, and pie strain lineages make themselves known.  The scents include candied berry, sugar, spice, and yeast.

LA Kush Cake Strain THC Effects Reviewed 

With a stimulating yet soothing effect, you can expect to feel re-energized and uplifted. Although it begins as a powerful surge, it soon evolves into a pleasant, energizing hum. This buzz allows you to stay productive and operate with a tranquil energy, without being overwhelmed or overwhelmed by restlessness.

EFFECTS Inspiration, Calm, Optimistic
FRAGRANCE Diesel, burnt rubber, pine, skunk, candied berry, sugar, spice, yeast
FLAVORS Cheese, spice, diesel, wood, sugar, yeast
ADVERSE REACTIONS Couch-lock, tiredness, dizziness, headache


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