Jungle Boys Lemon Drizzle 7G


Jungle Boys Weed Pack

Flavor: Lemon Drizzle

Net Weight : 7 Grams

THC CONTENT %   23.12%
CBD % 2%
INDICA / SATIVA % 30%/70%


Jungle Boys Lemon Drizzle Strain 7G

Jungle Boys Lemon Drizzle is an impressive Indica-dominant strain with the superb cerebral effects of its parents combined. It remains a slow-starter though that prefers surprising users with a sudden boost in moods.
Hence, Those who deliberately take note of its onset, however, will notice a euphoric rush that clears even the deepest recesses of the mind.
Star Master Kush is an absolutely pungent strain. Even from its container, it fills the air with a strong skunky aroma with woody undertones of pine. Therefore, Broken apart or combusted, it emits a similar scent to soil lightly damped by drizzle.

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As a powerful Indica-leaning strain, Star Master Kush possesses an impressive ability to relax the muscles.

Furthermore, Not to the point of debilitation, however. Rather, it works perfectly well with the initial mental high and places users in a state of calm. This soothing effect lulls most to sleep, but it can sometimes urge people to eat and can even ease the sharp sting of spasms in the stomachs of those with food-deprived bodies.

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EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Uplifted – 8
Happy – 8
Euphoric – 6
Tingly – 4
FRAGRANCE Pungent, skunky, woody, pine, earthy
FLAVORS Skunky, earthy, herbal, spicy, pine, lemon
MEDICAL Stress – 10
Depression – 9
Insomnia – 9
Pain – 1
Lack of appetite – 1


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