Orange Mints (Indica) – Jungle Boys Weed Strains 7G Buds


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THC CONTENT % 30.47%
INDICA / SATIVA % 80%/20%

Jungle Boys Orange Mints strain – 7G Premium Cannabis flowers

Jungle Boys Orange Mints, Indica lovers will be rocketed into an out of this world experience with a THC content of 22-24%. This galactic strain is a blend of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints.

Life may appear intricate and straightforward in turn, displaying the equanimity of the cosmos. This parity reflects the ordering of elements which enables harmony to endure.

The Orange Mints weed strain produces fluffy forest green fruit with a hint of purple hues and orange hairs that barely peek through a snowy frosting of crystals that cover the entire surface of the nugget.

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This tasty strain provides a creative head-high, but it most definitely leans more towards the relaxation department. So go easy on it, as too much will probably have you sleepy-eyed on the couch wondering why you miss half an episode of The Office every time you blink. Also have a look at Jungle Boys Sundea Driver and Jungle Boys Orange Cookies

An inviting bouquet of coffee and cookies envelopes the senses, finishing with a skunky aftertaste. The flavors of pine and spice linger on the breath out, ushering in a wave of calming tranquility.

Orange Mints Strain THC Effects Reviewed 

Starting with a subtle tingle that flows throughout your body and limbs, resulting in a state of calm and relaxation, a cerebral high follows that eases the mind and welcomes happy, creative thoughts of consciousness.

EFFECTS Creative
FRAGRANCE Earth, wood, pine, citrus, herb, spicy
FLAVORS Coffee, cookies, herb, pine, spice
ADVERSE REACTIONS Dry eyes, cottonmouth, mad munchies


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