Pink Crack (Hybrid) – Jungle Boys Weed Strains 7G Buds


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   Strain type    60% Indica / 40% Sativa
   THC    21.34%
   CBD    0.03%

Jungle Boys Pink Crack strain – 7G Premium Cannabis flowers

Jungle Boys Pink Crack, is the popular sativa hybrid that is known for its floral aroma, and its ability to allow patients to manage their mood conditions. This train takes effect almost instantly, and allows for you to feel uplifted come out without feeling too strung out.

This specific breed is the result of the combination of Green Crack with Blackwater, creating a lush and 85% sit TiVo hybrid that is known for being a powerful stress reliever.

The strain is said to be ideal for the treatment of patients who struggle to manage their social anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder and other mood related conditions.

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A powerful citrus and earthy aroma is often experienced in its presence, as the distinctive scent of this highly fragrant blossom permeates the atmosphere. Also have a look at Jungle Boys Citron Cookies and Connected Cannabis Strains.

This strain Will taste like sweet fruits and fresh grapes on the inhale. Before exhaling, you will notice a very pungent and earthy note that will make your tongue feel sticky and remind you of sour pine.

Pink Crack Strain THC Effects Reviewed 

This plant it’s perfect for those days when you need a bit of a boost in order to feel happy and more relaxed, as it can make you feel elated and motivated.This hybrid is fun to share with friends, especially if you are in the mood to share your good vibes and good energy. Lastly, There’s much more Jungle boys Weed strains In store.

EFFECTS relaxed – 10
euphoric – 9
uplifted – 9
energetic – 8
dry eyes – 4
headache – 4
paranoid – 3
dizzy – 2
FRAGRANCE citrus, earthy, fruity, pine, sweet
FLAVORS earthy, pungent, sweet, fruity, grape, pine
MEDICAL muscle spasms – 10
stress – 4
insomnia – 3
headaches – 3
pain – 3


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