TK Lato (Indica) – Jungle Boys Weed Strains 7G Buds


   Strain type    80% Indica / 20% Sativa
   THC    25.04%
   CBD    0.04%


 Jungle Boys TK Lato strain – 7G Premium Cannabis flowers

Jungle Boys TK Lato, is about expression, connecting with friends, and letting the good times roll. It is no surprise that a growing number of artists are entering the marijuana market, particularly within rap and hip-hop circles. One of the latest of these rapper weeds is LK Lato, thanks to a partnership between The Vault Seed Bank, Gas Co Cannabis, and American rapper Yukmouth.

Exhibiting a striking combination of dark purples and violets enveloped by a cloak of snowy trichomes, the nugs present a remarkable sight – almost as if Mother Nature has crafted them out of amethyst stones. Made up of a blend of herbs, earth, flowers, and sweet citrus, you can almost taste the goodness.

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The intoxicating and tempting aroma of Koolatos is provided by Bisabolol, Carene, Phellandrene, and Ocimene, four prominent terpenes in its fragrance profile. Also have a look at Jungle Boys White Fire and Jungle Boys Tropicana

And it doesn’t just entice with its fragrance – the marijuana delivers on the taste and then some. Its mix of flowers, fruit, menthol, herbs, and earth is refreshing and delicious, especially on the exhale when the citrus becomes more tangy than sweet.

TK Lato Strain THC Effects Reviewed 

Its hallmark is its cerebral high, ushering in blissful euphoria without an excessive sense of stimulation. Its effect is to bestow a heightened sense of energy and focus, making it simple to focus on any task.

EFFECTS Euphoric, body buzz, relaxation
FLAVORS Grape, citrus, and gassy
ADVERSE REACTIONS Paranoia, fatigue, disorientation,
hunger, dry mouth and eyes,
severe couchlock
MEDICAL Insomnia, stress, depression,
anxiety, depression, and stress


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