Jungle Boys Topanga Canyon Strain 7G


Jungle Boys Weed Pack

Flavor: Topanga Canyon

Net Weight : 7 Grams

THC CONTENT %   27.93%
INDICA / SATIVA % 80% – 20%


Jungle Boys Topanga Canyon Strain 7G

Jungle Boys Topanga Canyon, Weed packs for sale online, Hybrid, Indica, Sativa strains, all flavors prices, reviews and delivery available.
The effects of the Runtz strain happen almost immediately. Even as the candy aftertaste is wearing off, the intense, euphoric head high starts coming on.
Again, Within minutes of the first toke, most users report euphoric, giggling feelings of joy. It’s a creative high, but not quite enough that you’ll want to leave the house. Also, This head high can last for hours, so have craft activities or movies prepared in advance.

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The body high kicks in about fifteen minutes after the head high. It usually starts in the back of the head and melts down the spine, before expanding to the limbs and leaving fingers tingling.
However, It’s an excellent strain for evening use. Once the body high hits, you’ll likely find yourself sitting in one place, thinking creative thoughts, or watching your favorite movies.

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ORIGIN Zkittlez and Gelato
EFFECTS euphoric, joyful, creative
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) dry eyes and mouth, anxiety, paranoia
FRAGRANCE sweet, fruity
FLAVORS sweet, fruity, sugary, berry



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