Jungle Boys Tropicana Strain 28%THC


Jungle Boys Weed Pack

Net Weight : 7 Grams

   Strain type    60% Indica / 40% Sativa
   THC    28.98%
   CBD    0.04%


Jungle Boys Tropicana 7G Indica Strain 28%THC

Jungle Boys Tropicana, The taste is similar to tangy, sour orange candy. The earthy notes fall away into a citrusy experience. On the exhale, you’ll notice its GSC heritage in the form of a mild, sweet cookie flavor. Together the flavors mellow into a delicious experience.

Look for THC levels between 21-25%, with some plants testing as high as 28%. However, This tropical cookies strain is just as useful for therapeutic use as it is fun for recreational use. Weed packs for sale online, Hybrid, Indica, Sativa strains, all flavors prices, reviews and delivery available. Also, have a look at Jungle Boys Grape Head ,as similar products with almost same ratings. Available online at PotsnBuds with shipping and delivery services.

Buy Tropicana flavor Jungle Boy TLC Cannabis

There’s no wait for the effects of this super cookies strain. Within minutes of the first toke, you’ll notice a rush of energy that kicks off the head high. Everything seems lighter and funnier when Tropicana Cookies is at the wheel, and the effects last for a while.

The buzz tingles from the top of your head and moves downward, bringing a creative, energetic high with it. The giggly bliss that follows will kick worries to the curb. A little after the head high, a relaxing body high follows. The resulting flow makes it easy to deeply engage with creative activities.

Tropicana strain Effects JungleBoyz Weed Packs

Jungle boys Merch also has some few other products available in our store including Multiple Cannabis Kush Jungleboys strains with high THC level in stock. Also, All Jungle Buds and Nugs have been properly grown following Jungle boys genetics systems of cloning.
However, Brand New packaging packs for Jungle boys TLC Weed delivery. Feel free to review this JB product strain.

ORIGIN Girl Scout Cookies X Tangie
EFFECTS Rush of energy, creativity, relaxing
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) Dry mouth and eyes, anxiety, paranoia
FRAGRANCE Sour, spicy, sweet, earthy undertone, hints of pine
FLAVORS Sour orange candy, sweet cookie


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