Wedding Crashers (Hybrid) – Jungle Boys Weed Strains 7G Buds

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THC CONTENT %       23.24%
INDICA / SATIVA %      30%/70%


Jungle Boys Wedding Crashers strain – 7G Premium Cannabis flowers

Jungle Boys Wedding Crashers, can provide motivation, elation, and a “super chill” feeling for extended periods of time. Wedding Crasher’s THC levels can soar up to 23%, making it a great selection for an enduring euphoria. Furthermore, the uplifting vibes induce a conversational mood, making it ideal for socializing with companions throughout the day.

Sativa predominance makes this 70/30 hybrid an ideal choice for daytime use, due to its high THC levels creating a pleasant, intense buzz. Its capacity to mitigate symptoms of nausea, tension, lack of appetite, and psychological volatility, renders it an ideal candidate for alleviating common ailments.

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The high includes an invigorating cerebral buzz from the onset, with a palpable sense of detachment mixed in with the euphoric high. Also have a look at Jungle Boys Topanga Canyon and Alien Labs Weed Strains.

The end result is a beautiful high that leaves you feeling confident and friendly. Wedding Crasher is the perfect blend of relaxation and outgoingness. Besides recreation, Wedding Crasher is also used therapeutically. Many take advantage of the hybrid’s soothing effect on chronic pain and arthritic issues.

Wedding Crashers Strain THC Effects Reviewed 

The rapid effects of Wedding Crasher cause a strong head-high, sparking a surge of mental energy alongside a feeling of disconnect. The overall experience is intensely calming, inducing a feeling of security and extroversion. This strain offers the perfect balance of tranquilness and sociability. Lastly, There’s much more Jungle boys Weed Packs In store.

ORIGIN Wedding Cake, Purple Punch
Dry eyes
FRAGRANCE vanilla cake, earthy herbs, grapes


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