Jungle Boys Wifi Mint Indica Strain 7G


80% Indica / 20% Sativa 

THC : 26.73%

CBD : 0.01%

Net Weight : 7 Grams


Jungle Boys Wifi Mints Strain Indica 7G

Jungle Boys Wifi Mint, Feelings of happiness and euphoria can be expected, and possibly “the giggles.” An unexpected mood shift lifts the soul and spurs a desire to get into some deep conversations.
Don’t get too comfy, though. If you happen to be on the couch when the body-stone hits, you may be there for a while. Also, Monkey Mints effects are great for when you want a little pick-me-up before heading out for your day.

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This strain doesn’t play around when it comes to aroma, so if you intend to take some Wifi mints with you on the town and still want to keep it on the down-low, we would suggest double bagging it or using a sealable container.

On scent alone, it’s clear that people go bananas for Monkey Mints flavor. However, Living up to its namesake, the prime ingredient in Monkey Mint’s is a strong minty flavor with a herbal and spicy taste, especially on the exhale.

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THC 15%-20%
CBD 0.40% – 0.61%
Effects Happiness
Fragrance Spice


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