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Killer Queen Rythm Cannabis Review | Premium Hybrid Flower 1/8oz

The name of this hybrid strain, Killer Queen Rythm Cannabis, appears to be a tribute to the famous Queen song that will undoubtedly be recognized by any fan of the legendary British rock band. The creators of Killer Queen, the Brothers Grimm, have achieved a well-balanced hybrid that has gained a lot of attention in the cannabis community for its delightful effects and pleasant taste. Developed in Canada, Killer Queen is the result of a combination of G13, known for its psychedelic properties, and the popular Cinderella 99 hybrid. Brothers Grimm are also responsible for the creation of other famous strains, such as Apollo 13 and Glass Slipper.
Brothers Grimm offers Killer Queen seeds for sale online, making it easy for home growers to cultivate their own plants. Lastly, Killer Queen provides a higher-than-average yield of flowers at harvest time, making it an attractive option for home growers.

Killer Queen Rythm Cannabis

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Killer Queen’s buds exhibit a dense indica structure, with a range of shapes from cylindrical to spadelike. They taper down from a broad base to a pointed tip, with small leaves curled tightly inward towards their central stems. The leaves have a lovely shade of green, complemented by orange and brown hairs, or pistils, which catch pollen from flowering male plants. Finally, the buds are covered in crystalline white trichomes that glisten in the light from afar.
Upon proper curing, Killer Queen presents a predominantly sweet and tangy scent, with hints of oranges. As with the parent strain Cinderella 99, a slight suggestion of pineapple also lends to the bud’s tropical character. Once the buds are ground up, an earthy and herbal aroma, reminiscent of grandparent strain Jack Herer, emerges. The smoke produced from Killer Queen is smooth, with a sweet and citrusy flavor profile.

Killer Queen Weed Extracts Aroma Effects

When smoked, Killer Queen’s effects come on fast, manifesting initially as a pressure around the eyes and forehead. Once the consumer acclimates to this sensation, they will notice a heightened sense of cerebral thinking. This kind of analytical acuity can be beneficial for those tackling detail-oriented work or for completing a to-do list. In either case, users can still maintain lucidity and function in public. However, in less productive circumstances, users can kick back and revel in the euphoric heights Killer Queen can provide. The strain is particularly enjoyable when shared with like-minded individuals, as it inspires free-flowing conversation and promotes camaraderie. As the effects continue to unfold, a body high sets in, resulting in a weighty feeling in the limbs and allowing for deeper and easier breathing. At this stage, smokers may seek out a comfortable spot to stretch out and relax, though they can still engage in buzzy mental activity.
Killer Queen has several medical applications for cannabis patients. Its lasting effect on focus can assist individuals with attention deficit disorders in maintaining concentration on complex tasks. Its euphoric properties may temporarily improve mild to moderate stress and depression symptoms. Additionally, the physically numbing properties can help soothe deep-seated aches and pains, as well as milder afflictions like headaches and nausea. Due to the possibility of inducing intense, recursive thought patterns, individuals prone to panic or with low THC tolerance should exercise caution. Do also checkout African Transke Magic Mushrooms and Buddies All-In-One Disposable.

Killer Queen Rythm Cannabis


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