Kush Mints (INDICA) – Green Dragon Weed – 3.5


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Strain Type INDICA
THC   53%
Quantity    3.5G

Buy Kush Mints Green Dragon Weed 3.5G

Kush Mints is an intriguing Idinca dominant strain that boasts a unique blend of genetics, resulting from a cross between Bubba Kush pollen and the exclusive Animal Mints strain, along with other hybrids such as Animal Cookies and Wedding Cake. This strain offers a refreshing minty taste and induces a relaxing and tranquilizing effect, making for a satisfying smoking experience.

However, it’s worth noting that one must exercise caution while indulging in Kush Mints, as overindulging can have adverse effects. This potent strain delivers a robust high that envelops the mind and body, leaving the smoker with a euphoric head rush that may require some time to adjust to. Without a doubt, Kush Mints is a must-try for those who appreciate a bold and distinct smoking experience. Also try , Hammer Pants Green Dragon Weed  and Animal Land Teds Budz

Green Dragons Kush Mints strain Effects

Certain strains become famous for a reason. The Kush Mints family of strains are known for their intense buzz, earthy, herbal smell, and unique history. The best OG strain has a healthy blend of all of these qualities. Unfortunately, there are so many OG strains that it’s hard to choose the best. However, these five are definitely at the top of any OG strain list.

Kush Mints Green Dragon weed is a predominantly Indica strain, offers a refreshing surge of energy, swiftly followed by sedative properties, making it ideal for evening use. Apart from its delicious flavor and relaxing effects, this strain offers an array of therapeutic benefits.

Lastly, Kush Mints is highly regarded for its ability to treat inflammation, depression, pain, and insomnia, which makes it an excellent choice for both medical and recreational use.


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