Lazy Ape Disposable Carts – WATERMELON SMASH (Indica) 1G Live Resin THC Vape


Strain Type   INDICA
THC   86%
Quantity    1 Gram


WATERMELON SMASH Lazy Ape Disposable Vape Pen – Full Gram

Lazy Ape WATERMELON SMASH Disposable THC Cartridge, is a cross-bred balanced hybrid strain that inherited its supreme genetics from its unbelievably fruity parent strains. Breeders and cannabis connoisseurs keep coming up with new strains. Also, because they name them after so many different things, it is not surprising to see one named after a watermelon. So far, what we know is that this 80% Indica strain delivers a host of beautiful effects on users.

Watermelons are heavy large fruits. In that sense, the cannabis strain is the same with regards to its potency. To be honest, we do not know where this marijuana hybrid came from nor who the breeder was. In fact, we do not even know its genetic lineage. About the only thing that we know is that it is mostly an Indica strain and that it delivers a heavy body high.

Lazy Ape Disposables WATERMELON SMASH Live Resin

Also, WATERMELON SMASH is said to be strong but just about, as its THC levels are within reasonable measures. Its effects are strong without being overpowering, making it a suitable strain for those who don’t have as much experience under their belts. More so, Lazy Ape Disposable Carts – CAPTAIN KUSH (Sativa) 1G Live Resin THC Vape

For a moment, let us take THC content into consideration. Once it reaches 20%, then we know a strain is potent. So, in the case of the Watermelon strain, users should understand their limits. As for new users, or those who are using marijuana for the first time, better use this one with caution.

Buy Lazy Ape Bars WATERMELON SMASH strain Effects

Watermelon, with only 20% Sativa side, may not look promising in as far as delivering a mental high. But that is far from the truth. Soon after users begin using this pot, it starts to induce a sensation of happiness. Also, a lot of people who used this strain reported feeling euphoric. If an experienced user did not know any better, they would think that the strain has a larger Sativa side.

ORIGIN Unknown
EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Happy – 8
Euphoric – 7
Sleepy – 7
Hungry – 5
Dry eyes – 9
Headache – 7
Dizzy – 1
Paranoid – 1
FRAGRANCE Sweet, watermelon
FLAVORS Sweet, tropical, berry
MEDICAL Stress – 10
Insomnia – 9
Pain – 8
Depression – 7
Lack of appetite – 5


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