Lemon Drip (SATIVA) – Green Dragon Weed – 3.5


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Strain Type SATIVA
THC   51%
Quantity    3.5G

Buy Lemon Drip Green Dragon Weed | Cannabis 3.5G

Lemon Drip Green Dragon Weed is a multi-combo hybrid with a contested origin story. A robust and intense citrus scent, and a pleasant and mellow yellow high. This strain is suitable for both novice and experienced users, and even those utilizing it for medicinal purposes can benefit from its effects.

The genetic makeup of this particular strain boasts multiple combinations. Lemon Drip is predominantly a blend of Kush and Lemon strains. Which can be created using a mixture of Afghan, South American mixed with Lemon G or Master Kush. Just like, Bando #7 Green Dragon Weed and Dragon Trash Teds Budz

Lemon Drip strain Effects review

Lemon Drip stands out as a unique hybrid with a potent punch. Hence, making it advisable for novice smokers to exercise caution. This strain boasts of a paradoxical effect of inducing both deep relaxation and heightened energy levels, resulting in an increased desire for social interaction and communication.

This strain has a remarkable ability to create positive energy and promote feelings of happiness. It is the ultimate plant for inducing laughter, even over the smallest of things. For those seeking a reliable strain that can provide an intense head high reminiscent of a comforting embrace, Lemon Kush is the perfect choice.


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