Lemon Glue | Raw Garden Ready-To-Use Refined 1G Live Resin


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   87%
Quantity    1 Gram


Lemon Glue Refined Live Resin™ Ready-to-Use

Raw Garden Disposable Bars Flavor Lemon Glue Refined 1G Vape

Lemon Glue Raw Garden an indica dominant hybrid strain, is the offspring of Skunk #1 Lemon Skunk phenotype and Gorilla Glue #4 X BC Kush. Its balanced genetics make it a well-rounded cannabis that can exhibit more Sativa-leaning traits. While its breeder remains unknown, the strain has gained popularity for its calming effects and delectable flavor profile.

With a THC concentration that ranges between 16%-24%, caution should be exercised when consuming Lemon Glue. Overconsumption may lead to unpleasant side effects, such as dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, drowsiness, and panic attacks. However, when consumed in moderation, the strain can provide a range of effects that include calmness, relaxation, upliftment, and creativity.
The flavor profile of Lemon Glue is a delightful combination of pine, flowery, orange, mango, and nutty notes. It is no wonder that it is often chosen as a medicinal remedy for chronic fatigue, glaucoma or eye pressure, depression, chronic stress, and chronic pain. The strain’s balanced genetics and soothing effects make it a valuable addition to any cannabis user’s collection.

Lemon Glue Raw Garden Disposable Bars Flavor Cartridges Review

Do also checkout Skynana Raw Garden and Rove Live Resin DisposablesWhen growing Lemon Glue, the flowering cycle typically takes around 8-10 weeks, and the plant rewards with a relatively heavy yield. Although there is limited information available on the strain at the moment, there are seed offers available online for those who wish to cultivate it themselves.

Lemon Glue is a celebrity child that combines the best of both its parent strains, with a bright flavor and blissful effects that leave users feeling uplifted and happy for hours on end. Its fat spade-shaped emerald green nugs, thick red-orange hairs, and coating of frosty purple and pink-tinted white crystal trichomes make it a visually stunning strain to behold.
Overall, Lemon Glue is a versatile and potent strain that is perfect for cannabis users seeking a balanced and soothing experience. With its delicious flavor and uplifting effects, it is no wonder that the strain has become increasingly popular among cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. Moreover, you should take a look at other Raw Garden Live Resin Carts Strains.


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