Lemon Royale Sauce (HYBRID) | Kurvana Disposable- CARBON21 All-In-One


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 Strain Type   HYBRID
  THC   77.9%
  Quantity   500mg

Kurvana Bar Lemon Royale Sauce THC Vape

Lemon Royale Sauce Kurvana Disposable All-In-One vape cartridge, which boasts a terpene-rich concentrate made from the entire live cannabis plant. This potent cartridge offers a bold, herbaceous flavor profile of lemon and earth, and delivers an uplifting, energizing experience. The Lemon Royale strain, a sativa-dominant hybrid, is a cross between the Lemon Tree and GMO strains, and is celebrated for its powerful lemon notes and euphoric effects.

This hybrid vape cartridge is an excellent choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a sleek, portable pen that delivers exceptional flavor and effects. What’s more, our All-In-One Lemon Royale Sauce hybrid vape pen requires no additional battery or charging.

Lemon Royale Sauce Kurvana Disposable Vape

Containing solely raw cannabis concentrate, Lemon Royale Sauce offers a pure and uncomplicated composition. Boasting a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, this sauce is renowned for its swift and invigorating effects. Ideally suited for daytime use, Lemon Royale assists in mental focus and clarity while also eliciting creativity, thus rendering it particularly desirable for writers, artists, and other such creatives. More so, have a look at all Kurvana Disposable Flavors.

Whether working on a task or creative project, this strain provides ample motivation. Medically speaking, Lemon Royale ranks highly as a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that combats fatigue, depression, and even pain. With an impressive potency, Lemon Royale Sauce is one of the best options available, featuring a total cannabinoid content of 88.54%, total THC content of 82.43%, THCa of 12.17%, and total CBD content of 0.52%. As with all batches, potencies may differ. Don’t miss out on these Gelato Sundae Sauce Kurvana Disposable and Zweet insanity rove cart


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