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Lemonatti x Moonbow 112 Alien Labs Bar Review | All in One Vaping Stick

The Lemonatti x Moonbow 112 Alien Labs Bar Review All in One Vaping Stick is a vaping masterpiece that combines the best of Gelonade and Biscotti strains. It boasts of a sativa-dominant hybrid that provides a refreshing and satisfying experience. The combination of the strains creates offspring that rivals its parents in both flavor and character. The 17th phenotype out of 100 was chosen, as it represents the best in flavor, power, and character.
One of the contributing strains in the Lemonatti x Moonbow 112 Alien Labs Bar Review All in One Vaping Stick is the Cannabis Cup Award-Winning Moonbow #112. This fragrant hybrid is bred by Archive Seed Bank, a cross of Zkittlez and Do-Si-Dos. The result is a combination of flavorful euphoria and physical relaxation for a focused, creative, and social effect. This strain sends consumers over the stars with its delightful fruity aroma and sweet candy taste. Pure inspiration awaits those who partake.Lemonatti x Moonbow 112 Alien Labs

Buy Alien Labs Live Resin vape Lemonatti x Moonbow 112 Flavor

Lemonatti is a sativa dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica) created through crossing the classic Gelonade X Biscotti strains. Its mouthwatering flavor and celebrity parentage make it the perfect get-up-and-move sativa for a day when you need a little extra help to get going. This bud has a super sweet yet sour tangy lemon citrus flavor with a light hint of flowery woods upon exhale. Its aroma is just as bright, with a vibrant lemon overtone accented by flowery earthiness and fresh woods. The Lemonatti high hits you almost as soon as you exhale, slamming into your brain with a sense of lifted energy that has you feeling insanely happy and focused. Its motivating and creative effects will have your mind activated while your body fades away into a tingly state of pure numbness and relaxation.
Moonbow 112, also known as “Moon Bow,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa). More so, created through crossing the potent Zkittlez X Do-Si-Dos strains. Its super soothing nighttime high and long-lasting effects make it the perfect bud. Thus, for any hybrid lover who appreciates an indica lean in their medicine. Its high comes on with a slowly building effect, creeping into the brain with a subtle build that suddenly takes hold. Hence leaving you feeling happy with a lifted sense. Your body will slowly begin to succumb to a relaxing physical high that washes over your limbs, lulling you into a state of pure ease and calm. This combination can turn sedative, leaving you falling asleep before you know it. Here’s what pairs perfectly with this strain Melonade x Sherbacio Alien Labs and Atomic Apple x Melonade Alien Labs Disposable.

Lemonatti Moonbow 112 Strain Effects

The Lemonatti x Moonbow 112 Alien Labs Bar Review All in One Vaping Stick combines these two strains. Therefore producing an experience that is truly out of this world. The flavors, aromas, and effects of each strain complement each other to create a masterpiece. The stick provides a great lift that helps focus and energy while also having the ability to space out even the most seasoned smoker.
The hand-shaped olive green nugs of Lemonatti, with thin light orange hairs, bright neon green undertones. And tiny golden-white crystal trichomes, make it a sight to behold. The fat and heavy spade-shaped bright neon green nugs of Moonbow 112, with blue undertones, bright orange hairs. And a coating of tiny blue-tinted white crystal trichomes, make it an equally impressive strain.
Whether you prefer Lemonatti’s motivating and creative effects or Moonbow 112’s soothing and relaxing physical high. Hence, this all-in-one vaping stick is sure to provide an experience that you won’t forget anytime soon. It is an outstanding blend of two exceptional strains that have come together to create a refreshing and satisfying experience.

Lemonatti x Moonbow 112 Alien Labs


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